The Children of Fear (Fear Street Saga)

Shakespeare strikes fear into the heart of many, doesn't he? I can remember studying Shakespeare back in high school. At first, I felt as if I was unlocking.

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Be hyper-critical of each step. Even for the questions that you get correct, think about how you could have made things easier for yourself—for example, think about why a certain wrong answer was attractive to you, and what steps you could have or should have taken that would have prevented that.

What’s on the LSAT?

You can group incorrect actions into three general categories:. Throughout the entire process, I strongly recommend that you take and keep notes about the questions and challenges that cause you the most trouble. These notes can be very helpful for seeing patterns, and for tracking the areas where you need to improve in order to get to your goal score. The Trainer study schedules, offered in 1, 2, 3, and 4 month versions, can help you organize your learning, drilling, and practice test work.

I believe that these are the four critical components of a successful prep schedule. As mentioned before, you want to get most of your learning done early on in your study process, so that you have plenty of time to practice applying what you know.

Then you want to transition into drilling, and it can be helpful to connect the strategies and lessons that you learn with specific drill sets. Then you want to finish your prep by focusing mostly on practice tests. And throughout the entire process, you want to spend plenty of time reviewing your work.

Staying Mentally Cool and Crushing the September LSAT

Roughly speaking, if you have twelve weeks to study, that means you might spend the first three weeks focused on getting your feet wet it can be helpful to take a diagnostic and learning about the exam, the next three weeks bringing together your learning and drilling, the next three focused mostly on firming up habits through drilling, and the final three mostly on full practice exams again, with plenty of review and overlap throughout.

You also want to make sure to also build in plenty of flexibility—most specifically, give yourself some extra cushion in those final weeks so that you go back and address any remaining weaknesses. If the above schedule seems too cramped for you, it probably is. The LSAT is enormously important for your future, and though life gets in the way for just about everyone, you want to try your best to be as prepared as you possibly can for it, no matter how long it takes.

Inspired by self-study students who prepare for the exam on their own, Mike set out to write the ultimate self-study guide, and The LSAT Trainer is the result. About Mike Kim. Study Guide.

Taking the LSAT

Student Resources. Study Schedules. Logic Game Diagrams.

Readiness Checklist. Instructional Blog. Logical Reasoning Reading Comprehension Main Page. Information for Tutors. Amazon Page. More information about when the exams occur and how to sign up can be found on the LSAC website. The LSAT remains remarkably consistent year after year and test administration after test administration, so you can utilize previously administered LSAT exams to prepare for your exam and trust that they are representative of the experience that you will have on test day.

LSAC offers previously administered exams for sale in both electronic and printed formats. The LSAT consists of four scored sections, as well as an experimental section and an unscored essay section. Each scored section is 35 minutes, and the exam will typically have to scored questions in all. Go there now. Aside from a reading comprehension passage, and maybe a couple of logical reasoning questions, you are not going to see anything that even remotely resembles legal material. All they want to do is test your ability to use reason and logic to come to a rational conclusion.

Studying for the LSAT can get pretty boring, especially since most of it is done in solitary confinement. Guess what?

You are being scored against people who are less ready for this test than you are. AND, unless there is an actual bear in the room, they are already disadvantaged because they are more panicky. How dare someone who studied 5 hours max even come close to your score?

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Retake the test in Febraury. It is far from too late, law schools will always make room for a strong applicants. Indeed, did you know that just about every application deadline is flexible? If you are a strong scorer most schools will take an application all the way up to early August. Unless you are in a very small group where this is your last take for the cycle, this is either a great score or a practice test for you. Applications are slightly up, but versus the go-go years they are way down!

And most schools need to increase their class sizes. In broad terms you picked a great year to apply to law school. Indeed, because applications have been down so much the last 5 years numerous schools have gone to looking at more qualitative and interview oriented criteria for admitting applicants.