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Produced from a biblical perspective, Made in His Image will inspire audiences by looking at the human body in all its wonder-fully functional, fully human, and fully created in God's image. Featuring medical, engineering, and other experts like Dr. Randy Guliuzza, Made in His Image will fascinate audiences with mind-blowing facts, dazzling imagery, and memorable illustrations.

The four episodes will examine the stages of human development and show that everything we need to fulfill God's plan is instilled in us from the first moments of life. Each episode reinforces the knowledge that every human is special to God, and that he has endowed each of us with unique physical abilities, intellect, and spiritual lives to fulfill His purpose.

Episode 1: The Miracle of Birth This episode shows the amazing development of a child from gestation to birth. Only a masterful creator could have designed a system that allows a child to thrive in a watery world for nine months then suddenly live in an air-breathing environment at birth.

Into His Likeness

Episode 2: The Marvel of Eyes This episode explores the incredibly complicated human visual system and its vital role in our cognitive development from infancy through adulthood. Episode 3: Uniquely Human Hands This episode reveals the purposeful design of human hands and muscles that gives us unique abilities controlled by a sophisticated nervous system. Episode 4: Beauty in Motion This final episode illustrates the peak of human ability through athletic performance and revisits the aspects of complex design that confirm divine creation. Christians of all ages will marvel at the complexity of God's creation as revealed in Made in His Image.

Made in His Image, by Institute for Creation Research - Institute for Creation Research

We hope this series will prompt viewers to worship the greatest Designer of all, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Just what I was looking for. Sponsor a Participant or a Whole Group. Briefly watch Ericka and Stacey share their heart and vision of siHi Huntington Beach, We have a Leadership Guide that takes you through step-by-step and tells you how to lead effectively.

We also offer leadership training either online or in person. Buy the book and go through each week independently then connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and our Monthly Newsletter. We are here for you and we have hundreds of other ladies who have been through siHi that would love to connect with you too! Have more questions? Send us an email! Each of these regions is led by a Primary Regent who is backed up by an Alternate who serves as proxy when the Primary is absent.

Terrell "T-Rex" Simon In His Image

Israel is the only nation on earth that refuses to join the UN because Israel's regional partners are all Arab nations that would force them into an extremely unfavorable position of lacking representation within the UN. This, however, quickly ends as Jon Hansen tragically dies when his helicopter crashes in Pakistan during a fact finding mission.

The Office of Secretary General falls vacant and remains vacant. None of the Ten Regents believe there was anyone to be a suitable replacement for the extremely charismatic, popular and altruistic Hansen. A rotation schedule is established where each Primary Regent serves as Acting Secretary General for a month.

It is deemed that this cycle will continue until a unanimous agreement can be made for Hansen's replacement. Unanimous consent is proven to be almost impossible. Years pass, and Christopher has been elected as the European Alternate Regent. Under the tutelage of Milner and Bernley, Christopher has embraced his spiritual nature, and Decker has provided him with pragmatic and political guidance.


Under machinations of Milner and with the cooperation of various groups such as Freemasons and the Knights Templar with the funding from an occult clearinghouse known as The Lucius Trust a thinly veiled reference to The Lucis Trust , Christopher comes into possession of The Ark of the Covenant. He gives the Ark to Israel as a gift. A seven-year treaty is signed promising Israel that they will not be impeded by their neighbors, and UN recognizes their right to exist. Albert Faure previously named Albert Moore in earlier printings , an extremely aggressive and deft manipulator - as well as the Primary Regent of Europe - sets in motion a plan that he hopes will gain him the position of Secretary General.

Meanwhile, Christopher, following a Spirit guide sets off into the desert for guidance after a series of extremely unsettling dreams about God and an impending feeling of global doom. When Christopher's journey into the desert nears its completion after 40 days and 40 nights , Milner leads Decker to the desert where he says they will encounter Christopher who will need their assistance.

Christopher's "vision quest" has revealed Faure's plan to him, and he intends to stop it. However, they learn that Christopher is too late, because Faure's plan has already culminated in several strategic assassinations, as well as the declaration and execution of the China-India-Pakistan war, a nuclear conflict that lasts a single day, yet ends with hundreds of millions of casualties.

No clear winner was declared or recognized in this war; however, Faure uses the incident to catapult himself into a position of power, at which time he forces a vote for Secretary General.

In His Image: 10 Ways God Calls Us to Reflect His Character

He expects unanimous consent due to bribery, force, blackmail and threats against the other Regents, and he is widely expected to win. Just as the vote for Secretary General is under way, Christopher shows up at the United Nations and announces that Faure was responsible for the assassinations and is the single man who is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions in the China-India-Pakistan war. Faure denies this, but Christopher insists, and commands Faure to confess. Seemingly under the power of Christopher Goodman, Faure does confess, and then immediately drops dead in front of everyone at the United Nations.

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It is concluded that Faure died under the weight of his own guilt, but Decker and Robert Milner realize that Christopher has extraordinary powers and he was beginning to exercise them. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Categories : science fiction novels American novels American Christian novels Novelistic portrayals of Jesus Novels about cloning.