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Far Cry 3 4. Tomb Raider 6. Dishonored 7. Bioshock Infinite 8. Crysis 2 Gunpoint END Q Grand Theft Auto 5. Mumei Member.

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Dec 31, 19, 0 1, Tragicomedy Member. Nov 12, 13, 0 0. Mumei said:. Cyan said:. I second the idea. Going through this thread is really a chore as it is now. It'd also make it much easier for you to do updates. Hell yes, we're making this happen. Tragicomedy said:. So, Mumei, what movie are you watching right this very minute? And tomorrow night? And the next ColtraineGF Member. Mar 20, 8, 0 0. Well, if it makes any difference I've been updating my one post occasionally. DieUnbekannte Member. May 6, 0 0. John Scalzi - Redshirts Kai Meyer - Glutsand Veronica Roth - Allegiant William Boyd - Solo Repo Men 2.

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Shane Carruth Jackie Brown dir. Lino Brocka Tokyo Godfathers dir. Jean-Luc Goddard Battle Royale dir. Kinji Fukasaku Wolf Children dir. Mamoru Hosada Late Spring dir. Goro Miyazaki Zoolander dir. Ben Stiller Robocop dir.

Paul Verhoeven Cloud Atlas dir. Paul Thomas Anderson I'm not too worried about the movies, but the books I got really busy with school! BrokenEchelon Banned. Jun 9, 9, 0 0 Saint Louis, Missouri, U. I borrowed some from the wonderful world of the interwebs for now. See what you think when the thread goes up and I'll be happy to let you improve on them vastly! Ashes said:. LuffyZoro Member. Jul 2, 6, 0 0. BrokenEchelon said:. I may include games next year, out of personal curiosity.