The Children of Fear (Fear Street Saga)

Shakespeare strikes fear into the heart of many, doesn't he? I can remember studying Shakespeare back in high school. At first, I felt as if I was unlocking.

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My interest in writing the story came from a lifelong fascination with the whole area. It is full of history, intriguing mystery and is part of my family's heritage.

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Enjoy this Book? Share it Here's a sampling of our projects from And updated covers for my own novels Contact us with any questions you may have about our services. There is no charge for initial consultations. I've had a variety of interesting projects since I last posted here -- banners, videos and book covers. Take a look! These leaderboard banners were created for display at the Kindle Boards forum website and were made from elements of the authors' existing book covers. Leander's novel, Inzared, Queen of the Elephant Riders, tells the adventures of an Appalachian mountain girl who runs away to join a pre-Civil War wagon circus Here's the video trailer.

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Two more trailers -- these for nonfiction travel books by Chicagoan turned world-traveler, Kate Benzin. Making these videos filled me with more than a touch of wanderlust! It features the artwork of artist Ron Atwood. And here's the book trailer for Jerrye's first novel in the series, Intruders on Battleship Island.

Book: Liar Lindly Brandt Lindly Brandt Book 1 by Aften Brook Szymanski Only one thing can save Lindly Brandt from her downward spiral of lies to avoid total fourth grade humiliation and there is no way she is going to tell the truth unless it's absolutely necessary. The following books are: Peter Holt is a Hottie, and Forever [ The visions seem to be getting much worse with each passing day and now they are actually His friends decide that a relaxing camping trip to the cabin on the river might be just what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately, before the night is over, they will question whether or not they will even live through the night.

Book: Frostproof by Neil Ostroff That scream you hear while reading Some friendships are best forgotten. Coping with deep financial difficulties and a failing marriage, Niles Goodman is delighted when a figure from his past, Cody Larson, shows with a map and story of buried riches. Embarking on a two thousand mile trip, the journey quickly escalates into horrifying episodes of violence, greed, and terror.

Along [ Four young children will help a herd of special horses to return from our world to Horando, their land of magic and peace. Banished, are a man called 'Carter' and his allies who want to rule Horando. Carter kidnaps the horses from their homeland and escapes to our world through a cave that opens every eight years. He imprisons the horses in a paddock with just [ Kerr Is the local legend of survival truly a miracle?

Why do his mother's brownies taste so good? Is there other intelligent life in the universe? Xander Bookman already knows the answer to one these questions. With the assistance of his cousin, the seventh grader embarks on a quest to learn the truth about the other two. When Yzzie mysteriously disappears Xander must find his way through a pitch [ Kerr Night after night a strange apparition appears at Kristin's bedside. Is it dangerous? Is the dancing spirit trying to send her a message?

When Xander and Yzzie discover that their friend is being haunted, the seventh graders make it their number one priority to solve the mystery of Kristin's Ghost. The truth will surprise them.

Whether you are looking for ghost stories, a paranormal mystery or [ Book: Neverworld by E. Racine Sixteen-year-old Samantha Beckett and her friend, Charley Neilson, are walking home from school when they find themselves being chased by two strange looking boys in a white van. Racing through backyards and under hedges, they finally shake their pursuers, only to run into Captain Bartholomew Jones, a man who claims he was sent to deliver Samantha to her mother, the woman who abandoned Samantha [ Can year-old Abby fight to protect her siblings and survive the apocalyptic nightmare that lies ahead?

At first, strange lights flickered on the island. Then they were gone.

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Two men carrying flashlights appeared. Then they quickly sped away in their boat. A few days later, the men came back. What were they doing on the island? Could they be hiding a secret? Jeff Douglas and his pals are plunged into a series of scary adventures as they discover [ Book: The Fire-Moon by Isabel Pelech The Khemtesh Empire is a country surrounded by desert, a place of many gods, regular floods, and barley ripening in the blistering sun.

Ordinarily, it's a good place to live. But in the village of Hasmahi, the harvest is late.

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The priest is dead. The paper-cutters who harvested reeds from the lake have moved on, and so has anyone else who could easily flee. And the only child in the village is [ Eleven-year-old foster kid Lotto Lewis is gifted, but he wants to be cool and watch more TV.