The Children of Fear (Fear Street Saga)

Shakespeare strikes fear into the heart of many, doesn't he? I can remember studying Shakespeare back in high school. At first, I felt as if I was unlocking.

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Jean-Jacques Annaud The Bear directed this story about two orphaned tigers who are separated as cubs. The good news is that neither dies, although one ends up in a circus with a cruel trainer. They are finally returned to the jungle in a long overdue happy ending. Based on the real story of two man-eating lions in Kenya in , who reportedly ate as many as people. Remarkably, there is only one scene involving an animatronic lion in the film. He helps Coraline escape from the evil Other Mother, who, incidentally, hates cats.

They return from the dead as ghosts bent on drinking the blood of all samurai.

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So he has a hard time adjusting to life in the wilds of Madagascar and almost gasp! If the Cheshire Cat were a bus, it would look just like the fanciful Catbus, who has glowing eyes for headlights and twelve legs. As it turns out, he can fly, jog daintily over telephone wires and—like any cat—jump from a great height and land gracefully on his feet. Like the Cheshire Cat, he likes to perch in a tree or on the roof, grinning.

And when he bids goodbye, he disappears just like the cat from Alice in Wonderland.

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Binx the talking cat voiced by James Marsden helps defeat the wicked Sanderson sisters in this Disney favorite. He began life as a regular boy back in the 17th century, but was turned into a black cat by Winifred Bette Midler. He asks tough tomcat Smokey Chazz Palminteri to get Stuart out of the picture for good. But, realizing how much Stuart means to the Littles, Snowbell comes through in the end, turning on his friends and helping Stuart get back home.

There are many colorful cat characters in this anime spin on The Wizard of Oz , but the most memorable is the dashing Baron Humbert von Gikkingen, who sports a top hat and suit and is voiced by Princess Bride star Cary Elwes in the U. When Scott Carey Grant Williams begins inexplicably shrinking, he becomes a pretty tempting plaything for Butch. Who can forget the scene where Scott opens the doll house door to the now-enormous, hissing predator?

Shenanigans, naturally, ensue. He returns the favor by saving the doc and his family from poachers. Followed by the TV series Daktari. A striped orange kitty named Milo and an adorable pug puppy named Otis go adventuring in this Japanese film. Despite run-ins with bears and other critters, it all ends happily with both Milo and Otis happily mated off to one of their own species not each other!

This winking black cat is a very helpful companion to an alien brother and sister. First, Winkie jumps in when a bully snatches the all-important star case from Tia Kim Richards. Later, she helps them by jumping on various henchman or making them sneeze. Behold, the power of cat dander!

Sadly, the sequel was not about Winkie and Jason RVing cross country. This beautifully shot documentary follows several street cats of Istanbul, including one colorfully named Psikopat, a black-and-white shorthair female who attacks any rival who comes near her mate.

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These strays prefer to roam free and simply stop in for a free meal now and then with the humans who dote on them. They just know better. A stray tabby links these three Stephen King stories. In the first, James Woods goes to the wrong clinic to try to quit smoking.

But the tabby bestows its luck on the lover, not the murderous tycoon. In the last, and most cat-centric story, he makes it his mission to save young Amanda Drew Barrymore from a troll that tries to steal her breath every night. American writer Holly Martins Joseph Cotten travels to Vienna only to learn that the friend who invited him, Harry Lime Orson Welles , was just killed in a mysterious accident. Trivia: Several cats were used in the film, and director Carol Reed had to smear the shoes with salmon oil to get the cat to pay proper attention to them.

Down-on-his-luck folk singer Llewyn Oscar Isaac is crashing at his friends, the Gorfeins. When he and Ulysses get accidentally locked out, he has no choice but to carry the cat around New York City. Then the cat escapes, but Llewyn spots it on the street and returns it. Art Carney is widower Harry, who dotes on his cat Tonto. Persian cats in movies are often typecast as spoiled and mean and Duchess is no exception. Good thing she never teamed up with sheep dog Rex, who was also wildly jealous of Babe. They are all turned into Siamese cats and spend eternity with the Egyptian goddess Bastet.

But since Thomasina has lived only once, she returns to live twice more, finally reuniting with the little girl who loves her. Decades before E. His quest was made a lot simpler because he could speak to humans and could convince scientist Frank Ken Barry to help him out. And if he can stop sneezing long enough to finish the case! Remade in , with a cameo from Dean Jones. Peter Ustinov voiced both lion brothers.

The transforming cat-creature effects are less than great, alas. The remake also adds a long-lost brother, Malcolm McDowell, who is the only one she can mate with without having to kill.

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And, when they do find him, he does look very stylish in the bandana and gold chains his new owner has decked him out in. We think not! Two dogs and a cat journey hundreds of miles to be reunited with their humans in the heartwarming original Disney version. Syn who would go on to star in That Darn Cat is Tao, the Siamese cat who braves encounters with a lynx and a bear—as well as a fateful dunking—to make her way home.

Luckily, his wife and kids are out of town so, it seems like a good idea when neighbor Jud Fred Gwynne suggests they bury Church in the nearby pet cemetery, which is known for reviving dead animals. Figaro starred in his own series of cartoon shorts and also appeared in some with Pluto.

One of our favorite Disney orphans is Charlie the cougar, who is taken in and raised by a logger.

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Now how can the giant kitty be stopped? Meowthra was actually played by two kitties and some CGI was required, but other than that, the kitty action is all real. He helps the princess escape from the palace, even though it means being separated. How she could leave with those sad tiger eyes and mournful sighs, we have no idea! In the first film, he allows himself to be sacrificed by the White Witch Tilda Swinton. But, like Jesus for he is most definitely a Christ allegory , he is resurrected.

Liam Neeson took over as the voice of Aslan from Brian Cox, who was originally announced for the role. It was Bagheera the panther voiced by Sebastian Cabot who found Mowgli as a baby and brought him to be raised by a family of wolves. The wet cat gives her a mournful look, which is enough for Paul to go running after it and, thankfully, Holly quickly follows.

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The two cats immediately make a mess and blame Lady. Ralph Bakshi directed this X-rated adaptation of the Robert Crumb comic about a hedonistic, talking cat. Fritz and his buddies do drugs, have group sex and run from the cops who are literally pigs in this controversial counterculture cartoon. Since Dr. Evil is a parody of Bond villain Blofeld, he naturally has his own cat.

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Bigglesworth is at first a fluffy kitty like in the Bond films, but after surviving cryogenic freezing has become a hairless Sphynx. The Sphynx who played Mr. Also, there might be a hideous, acid-dripping alien that wants to eat everyone. Happily, the cat survives along with Sigourney Weaver for the sequel, having also survived 57 years in hypersleep! In this supernatural romantic comedy, the Siamese familiar of the witch Gillian Kim Novak was played by 12 different cats. A stray tabby cat on the Paramount lot lucked into cinema history when spotted by director Francis Ford Coppola, according to The Godfather Book.